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PCL is  committed to minimising  the  impact  of  our  operations  on the  environment. 

Developing  an environmental  plan  is  a core  procedure  in our  quality system and  is produced  before  commencing  any project.  This  approach has  allowed us  to successfully complete environmentally sensitive  projects  without  incident. At  the  core  of  these  plans  is  the basis  that environmental issues  must be  considered in all decision making.

The  methodology is  based  around  the  risk assessment  associated  with the  tasks to be  carried  out. The  Risk Assessment identifies  all aspects  of  the  project that could  have  an environmental impact  and  assesses  the  level of  potential risk and  impact of that activity on the  environment.  Management  controls  are  then implemented  to eliminate or  minimise  those  identified  impacts.

Regular inspections  of  sites  identifies  any changes in the  environmental status that requires  further management. 

We  include  environmental training  as  part of  our  training  policy .  All staff are  aware  of their  responsibilities  in avoiding  damage  to the  environment and   are trained  in the  best ways  of  managing  environmental  issues.    

PCL Contracting  believes  that Environmental  Management  and  Quality go hand  in hand and  defines  our  commitment  to be  the  best we  can be.