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At PCL the  safety of  our employees, visitors and  members  of  the  public on or  around our sites has  always  been our  highest priority.

We  recognise  the  need  to operate and maintain robust health and safety systems capable  of  meeting  our  obligations  under the  Health &  Safety at Work Act as  well as  meeting  the  challenges of  an ever changing  world of modern civil contracting.

Our current  systems are aligned with AS/NZS: 4801: 200) and we are actively involved in the ACC Workplace Partnership programme and  have  achieved  Tertiary  certification.

We  believe  that our  people  are  our  greatest resource and  as  such provide  them with the  skills  and  training needed to enable  them to keep themselves  and  others  around  them safe.  This  involves  comprehensive  site  inductions, daily tool box  meetings  on all sites and  training  in recognising  and  assessing  risks  and  hazards  in the  workplace.  All our  employees hold  a  Site  Safe  Civil Contracting  passport as  the  minimum qualification before  entering  any site.

We actively involve  all of our  employees  in all aspects  of  health and  safety and  encourage  them to be  proactive  around  their  safety and  that of those around  them. 

We aim to promote a culture of “no blame” to encourage active reporting of all events.

Our  internally elected  Health and  Safety committee  meets  regularly to discuss any health and safety policy changes, development of  safe  operating  procedures  and  training  programmes.  Outcomes  of these meetings  are  fed back at our  bi monthly health and  safety meetings  attended  by  all staff including  management.

We understand  that excellence in health and safety practices should  be  visible  at the  top level.  Our  management  team meet regularly to review  our  performance  in health and  safety indicators, including  results  from regular site  audits  carried  out  by our  Health and  Safety representative as well as  trends  emerging  from our  reporting  of  incidents.

Management  are  present  at every health and  safety meeting , regularly attend  toolbox meetings  held  on site and  are    committed  to regularly upskilling  in industry best practices.

Health and safety is an area which requires  constant  monitoring  and  vigilance.  We at PCL are  committed  to maintaining and  where  required,  building on,  all of  our  health and  safety systems.